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Embed videos and watch engagement skyrocket

Embed YouTube and Vimeo videos directly into your digital flipbook. Videos are a fan-favorite and readers love the interactivity.

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From publication, adding video links, and video pop up overlay. Add videos to your publication, with Issuu.

Video magic, right in your publication

Embedded videos impress readers and make content come alive. They add context and sophistication to your content, and provide a platform for narration. Video significantly increases viewer engagement and creates a more memorable reader experience.

Issuu user interface, how to add video to your publication.

Play on demand, or automatically

Embed your ready-to-play video inside your publication, set to auto-play to instantly engage readers and create a narration-driven experience, or create a pop-out video window. Whatever you choose, your readers will love it.

Issuu user interface, different settings with videos.

Perfect for all kinds of media and content marketing

There are so many ways to use video. Augment magazine articles with video, or sell video ads for additional revenue. Embed product videos in catalogs, embed drone videos in travel brochures, add lectures to educational content and so much more.

Issuu user interface, with collage of videos.

How to add video to your content:

  1. Login to Issuu and select "Publications" from the side menu.

  2. Select the published content you want to add videos to, and from the Publication Home Workspace, select “Add Links and Video” in the left navigation under “Enhance” to open the Link Editor tool. 

  3. Using the Link Editor, click and drag to create a bounding box where you would like to add your video.

  4. Insert the YouTube or Vimeo video URL into the Link Editor. Make sure you select “VIDEO” as the type of link, and specify whether you’d like it to auto-play or not.

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