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Convert your content into a customized GIF for social sharing and email newsletters. This visually engaging solution links back to your publication, driving traffic and impressing your readers.

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Animated GIF showing a magazine turned into a GIF using Issuu.

Create a GIF and share anywhere

Issuu GIFs are multi-screen motion graphics that are easy to download and share. Choose the pages of your content you would like to feature and change the background color to personalize.

Share your GIF on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more, plus post it on your website. Or use our handy Mailchimp integration to embed and drive readers to your Issuu publication from an email campaign - it's easy!

Create a GIF in Issuu and export to Mailchimp

How to create GIFs

  1. Login to Issuu and select “Publications” from the navigation.

  2. From the Publication workspace, select “Create a GIF” in the left-side menu.

  3. Create your GIF! Select which pages you want to highlight in your GIF Preview. 

  4. Customize your background, and from there, you can download your GIF!

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