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Looking for ideas to ignite interest in your flipbook? Issuu automatically generates individual articles from your content. They're ideal for mobile readers and easily sharable via social media and email.

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When you upload a PDF to Issuu, we'll generate individual articles from your content, ready to share instantly. Or, create your own by piecing together text and images pulled from your flipbook. We make it easy to create a steady stream of content to promote your publication via social media, email and more.

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Google AMP: an SEO friendly format

Article Stories are a flexible distribution format optimized for Google’s lightning-fast, SEO-boosting AMP Story format that multiplies the value of your content in so many ways.

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Make content attractive for readers on the go

For many of our publications, over half of the readers are visiting from a mobile device. Article Stories are optimized for mobile first and readability, ensuring that your content is ready for consumption from any device, wherever your readers may be.

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