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Help readers instantly navigate wherever you want them to go with Issuu live links. It's a creative and interactive feature that connects your content to the rest of your digital presence and impresses your readers.

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Sell more and generate revenue

Adding links is a great way to drive sales of products, past content, subscriptions and more. One idea? Upload a catalog to Issuu, and add links to connect content directly back to your eStore. Issuu even offers a special Shopping Link feature that adds a small shopping cart icon, signaling to your audience that the link is shoppable.

If you're a magazine publisher, you can also link in-magazine ads to your advertiser's website to increase the value of your ads.

A rendering of the Issuu user interface showing how to add links to a publication.

Increase engagement with your content

Links also empower you to create a content journey for your readers. Link to different pages within your flipbook, or to past issues, Article Stories, landing pages, or blog posts to give readers more of what they love.

Issuu user interface showing how to add video to publications.

Detect them automatically, or add them anytime

If your PDF already contains links, Issuu will automatically detect and activate them in your flipbook. Or, add new links after your content has been uploaded.

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