DG980 Wheel Loader

Bucket capacity:4.5m3

Operating weight:29500Kg

Rated load:8T

Engine Power:247 KW


China Wheel Loader Features

Engine of international brand, cutting-edge technologies, extra stability, comfortable operating experience, and convenient maintenance.

Engine of international brand

• It adopts new generation Weichai Landking II energy-saving engine, with air-air intercooling technology, China National II emission standards, which reduces the trouble rate by 30% and saves fuel consumption by more than 10%.
• The optimally designed engine hood and ventilation pipeline has good heat dissipation effect.

Cutting-edge technologies
• The steering hydraulic system adopts flow amplifying valve with preference in steering. It uses the low pressure small flow pilot oil to control the high pressure big flow steering oil, which makes the steering more flexible and convenient.
• It adopts dual pump conflux working hydraulic system, and achieves single pump discharging at high pressure, which improves the combined working capability, featuring energy-saving and high efficiency.
• It adopts hydraulic steering limit, which reduces the steering impact and vibration.
• It adopts advanced homemade pilot flow amplifying valve with preference in steering. The working hydraulic system adopts mature dual pump conflux technology, with low pressure conflux and high pressure discharging, which improves the power utilization and saves energy.
• The optimally designed working device has reasonably allocated articulated points, featuring large breakout force and lifting force. • The dustproof pins and sleeves can prevent from dust and sand. The low pressure conflux and high pressure discharging improve the power utilization rate and saves energy.
• The working device adopts single lever pilot control, which features less effort, convenient and comfortable operation. And the bucket can automatically keep level.
• The dual pipeline service brake, low pressure protection, and the combination of emergency brake and parking brake ensure safety.
• The loaded lifting time is less than 5.62 seconds, and the work cycle time of the working device is 11.47 seconds, which keeps the lead in the industry.
• The specially designed fuel suction pipe avoids air suction and ablation, which extends the fuel pump’s service life and reduces the cost.
• All the pipelines in the hydraulic system adopt imported high pressure hose and H-type double seals, and the protective sleeves are mounted on the pipelines that are easily worn, which prolongs the service life and ensures no leakage.
• Centralized lubrication system is available as standard configuration.

Extra stability, leading in the industry
• The 29.5t machine has taken finite element analysis, and the articulate points are aligned to the center and reasonably matched.
• With axle base of 3.74m, it has higher operating stability (the axle base of counterparts products are about 3.6m)
• The articulating plates have big distance, and are anti-reversal, which reserves space for the repair and meanwhile improves the stability.
• The central articulated shaft adopts unique positioning structure, which has longer life.
• The drive shaft is above the bottom plate of the frame, which can protect it from being bumped or twisted; with the unique centralized positioning technology, there is small loss in torque, and it can achieve stable power transmission.

Comfortable operating experience
• The fully functional cab has wide front view, and it is equipped with backup camera, radio, air conditioner, as well as ergonomic single handle and armrest, which makes it more comfortable to operate.
• The cab and frame are connected with shock absorption device, which reduces the vibration and bumping; the noise insulation and seals for the cab can prevent the harm caused by the noises and dust.
• The high quality vibration absorption Grammer seat improves comfort.

Convenient maintenance
• The fuel tank is mounted at the rear part, and the oil tank in the middle, which avoids misoperation; The filler port is at outside, which is very convenient. 
• It adopts one-piece streamline steel engine hood and 2-pieces guard plate which can easily open at 180° through the roller. The engine hood can open at a large angle. It is more convenient for service and maintenance.
• The improved lubrication position is very convenient.
• There is spacious room for servicing the major components.

China Wheel Loader Product Details

Bucket capacity 4.5m3 Rated load 8T
Engine Model WD12G336E211 Operating weight 29500Kg
Power 247 KW Wheel base 3740mm
Intake Supercharged intercooling Wheel tread 2590mm
Rated revs 2200 rpm Boom lifting time 5.62 S
Min. fuel consumption 200 g/kwh Work cycle time 11.47 S
Max. torque 1350 N.m Steering angle 350
Max. traction force 260 KN Fuel tank volume 420 L
Max. breakout force 260 260 KN Dump height 3530 mm
Min. turning radius 8253 mm Dump distance 1356 mm
Tipping load 160 KN Dimension (L×W×H) 9649×3500×3718mm 

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