DG958 Wheel Loader

Rated load:5.0t

Operating weight:17t

Engine power:162kW

Fuel tank volume:230L

Dimension :8054×3072×3410mm

China Wheel Loader Features

Large breakout force and high work efficiency, convenient and flexible operation, good operating stability, and higher power performance. Various working devices are available, such as log grasper, grass grasper, coal bucket, high dump device, etc.

• It adopts Steyr engine as standard configuration, featuring environment-friendly green power, high efficiency, energy-saving, low emission, and low noise.
• The advanced Z-type reversal bucket tipping mechanism has large breakout force and high work efficiency.
• Pilot control and automatic bucket leveling function reduces the driver’s work intensity.
• It adopts fixed axle power shift transmission and coaxial flow amplification, which is convenient and flexible to operate, featuring good operating stability.
• With advanced dual pump conflux technology and hydraulic system which the steering takes precedence, it has high efficiency, energy conservation and higher power performance.
• The articulate points are placed in the middle, and it also features articulated frame, smaller turning radius, flexible and maneuverable; and the front and rear wheel treads overlap, which protects the tires better. 
• The dustproof device for the pin shafts of the working device extends the service life.
• The ergonomically designed cab adopts closed seal, and has wide view; with high grade vibration absorption seat, it is more safe and comfortable to operate.
• Optional devices such as high-grade audio system and air conditioner are available.
• Various working devices are available, such as log grasper, grass grasper, coal bucket, high dump device, etc.

China Wheel Loader Product Details

Bucket capacity Standard bucket 3m3 Fuel tank volume 230L
Coal bucket 4m3 Max. breakout force 185KN
Max. travel speed 38km/h Max. traction force 162KN
Rated load 5.0t Automatic bucket leveling Available 
Operating weight 17t Service brake Hand operated air brake+air over oil caliper disc brake
Engine Model WD10G220E22   Standard bucket Coal bucket
Dump height Standard
Rated power 162kW Extended boom 3340mm 3126mm
Min. fuel consumption 215g/kwh Long reach 3669mm 3457mm
Rated revs 2100r/min Dump distance Standard boom 1160mm  
Work cycle time 11.6S Extended boom 1125mm 1312mm
Dimension (L×W×H) 8054×3072×3410mm Long reach 1290mm 1376mm

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