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When the American guys put on the tooling of SINOTRUK

        Recently, a "five minutes offline a heavy truck? "Hard core technology in Chinese factories!" by American Brother The short video of "Zhizao" spread wildly on the social network and exploded the circle of friends. Everyone forwarded and praised it one after another, and was proud of the great Chinese "Zhizao".

        In the video, foreign host Jack puts on the tooling of SINOTRUK, goes deep into the production workshop to visit and exchange, and experiences the modern and intelligent production line of SINOTRUK.

        He also personally tried to assemble the circuit of the central control board by hand, and took a test drive of shandeka tractor. After the experience, he deeply lamented the efficiency and intelligence of SINOTRUK, and looked forward to driving the vehicles of SINOTRUK again.

        The short video column of "the third eye to see China" is a multilingual short video project of China Foreign Affairs Bureau. The foreign hosts are mainly present to experience and observe the current political, cultural, economic and social hot topics in contemporary China, introduce China to the world, and create a positive international public opinion atmosphere.
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